M&M’s Nostalgic Candy Bouquet


Give the gift of sweet memories with one of our nostalgic Candy Bouquets! This Candy Bouquet will take them back to the fun and laughter filled days of playing hide and go seek, tag at the playground, and skipping rope. The Nostalgic Candy Bouquet is filled with many of the favourites from their childhood, like M&M’s, Sweetarts, El Bubble Gum, Astropop, Powder Sticks and more!


We also specialize in personalized retro candy gift baskets and bouquets. Allowing us to assist in creating personalized retro candy gift basket or bouquet enables you to show your creative side and personalize the gift to meet the specific needs or desires of the recipient or event. We have prepared a very short, no obligation quote form that will capture your thoughts and expectations with budget in mind. Once we receive the form, we will use the information provided to bring your vision to life. We will send you images of what we have created and value your feedback. Be assured, your information will never be shared. We won’t be satisfied until you are! Click to complete the quote form now.

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Weight 800 g