My husband grew up with four siblings and as he describes it he had to hide everything, including his candy. If he didn't, it was fair game. He loves to tell one candy story in particular.

One day he ventured off to Applewood Variety with his friends as he did so many times before. Bazooka Bubble Gum is one of his favourites and a must have with every visit. He enjoyed the comics, the white powder coating and the awesome flavour. That day, he bought a few pieces and wanted to save some for later. Of course, when he got home he had to hide it. A short time later, he excitedly returns to the well thought out hiding spot and the gum is gone! In a frantic state he starts interrogating the usual suspects.  He confronts his little sister; of course she denies it, but there was no denying it. She was the culprit.  She still had the white powder all over her mouth!

At The Candy Cave Oakville, we understand that every piece of candy is unique and special because of the memories, feelings and stories associated to it. Our vision is to help our customers rekindle wonderful memories, but more importantly, create new and often funny moments. Our goal is to offer a very simple and personal customer focused shopping experience. 

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